Say “Hello” to Your Nextdoor Neighbors

Have you checked out Nextdoor ( If you have, most likely, it is for your personal life and not your business. Nextdoor is a platform where neighbors can find out information from other neighbors. Nextdoor creates “neighborhoods” of people. When a person signs up for this platform, choices are given for which neighborhood includes a person’s home. Typically, only information in that particular neighborhood is shared with other neighbors in that space. Other neighborhood information does not bleed into an individual neighborhood unless it is about a business. In my area, I have seen people asking about:

  • Local businesses who provide specific services, including veterinary services
  • Lost or found pets
  • Suspicious activity in the neighborhood
  • Items for sale or to give away
  • Safety

It is simple to use and free for personal use. Everyone has to use their own name and not a screen name to keep transparency. There is even an app if one is inclined. A person can post a question/statement and other people can respond in the comments. People can also use tags like a heart to show they liked a post or comment a neighbor made.

What about businesses? 

Nextdoor is now open for local businesses to reach out to their communities. Practices can have their own presence now on Nextdoor and also reach neighboring “neighborhoods.” Here is how to be seen on Nextdoor:

  1. First, go to Then, type in your business name and address to find your business if it is listed in the Nextdoor system. 
  2. Nextdoor will show a list of possible businesses that have the same name as your business. Next to the name, will be hearts with a number and the word “recommendations.” This is the same as reviews, but they use a different name. A business needs at least one recommendation to be seen by any neighborhoods. If your business is listed, click the word “claim” next to it and follow the steps. If your business is not listed, you will see “Not here? Create  your business page.” Click this and follow the steps. 
  1. Nextdoor is still in the early stages of development for business and, therefore, there is not much skill set needed to complete your hospital’s business page. A logo/photo is needed and a description added to finish off the process. 
  1. Finally, a verification process needs to happen to complete the process. Nextdoor will call the business’s phone number. As stated in its help section: “If the business phone number has an automated system, a phone tree, a google voice number, or an extension, the phone call will not come through.” If this is the case, it is suggested that a direct phone number is used for verification and then the business number can be changed back to the main number once the process is complete.
  1. Once the page is complete, it is time to ask a few of your key pet owners to leave a recommendation, which will enable the business page to show up in the neighborhood where the hospital is located. Nextdoor will walk you through the steps of how to email a client directly to ask for the review. 

Offers—How to get your offers seen in other neighborhoods

Just like other platforms, Nextdoor offers businesses a higher visibility if they are willing to pay. Currently, the system is very simple and basic. It is called “Offers.” On the practice’s Nextdoor page, there is a word called “Offers.” Click this “tab/word” to start the process. A page will show up with a few forms to complete. One line is where a percentage off can be given or X amount off on a service. A rather long description can be added to describe the offer and the business.  

A choice is then presented on how many days the Offer should run and how many people you desire it to reach. It seems a bit pricey, but that can depend on the number of days run and volume of neighborhoods that are reached. There is no targeting like Facebook or Google offers. 

Want to try out Nextdoor and reach the neighborhood around you? Give us a call. Marketing done right matters greatly.