We get you.

you betcha.

We know how to market for the midwest

because we are the midwest!

We Minnesotans and Upper Midwesterners are unique — from Ice Castles to friendly disputes over Paul Bunyan’s real hometown and going up nort’ on the weekends to hotdish. It is common for us natives to hear from other parts of the country things like:

  • How do you swim in the summer? Aren’t the lakes frozen all year?
  • People don’t actually live on the ice, right? That has to be Photoshopped.
  • Meat Raffle? Huh? What’s a meat raffle?  
  • 40 degrees is parka weather, NOT shorts weather! 
  • Seriously, tator tots on a casserole??? No, tator tots on a HOTDISH!
  • What even is lutefisk?
  • Dogs and pickups — enough said. 

Marketing is a reflection of your business. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and South Dakota are different. We get it because we were raised in these states as well. Plus, we top off our knowledge of our culture with over 25 years of marketing experience. We have watched the internet “grow up” since it was an AOL disc. 

We believe in our neighbors, our business, and the communities we live in.

We look forward to helping your business thrive in our unique and extraordinary culture.